This summer sees the 20th anniversary of the founding of Tavistock swimming club. The setting up of the club, thanks to the vision and determination of our first chairman, now vice president, John Reed, followed swiftly on the heels of the opening of Meadowlands pool in 1990. It has been based there ever since. Throughout its short history Tavistock Swimming Club has encouraged all its swimmers to enjoy themselves whilst improving personal fitness. This has been the basis of future personal achievements with many members going on to attain lifeguarding and swim teaching qualifications. Swimmers have excelled in open water swimming, biathlon, aquathon and triathlon events in this country and abroad. There have been notable successes in and out of the water. Olympic pentathletes Kate Allenby (Sydney 2000) and Heather Fell (Bejing 2008) are both former club members.


The club has benefited from the enthusiasm and skills of its coaches, committee members and poolside volunteers. The management teams at both Meadowlands Pool andKellyCollegehave given continued support and opportunities to the swimmers.

The club strives to help its swimmers develop confidence, self discipline and respect for one another. It is proud to represent our town and has helped to put Tavistock on the sporting map!

On its 20th anniversary we celebrate, as another generation of swimmers, trained by the current team of coaches, embarks on the exciting road of water sports, recreational and competitive swimming. The future looks bright for another 20 years at least.