Parish Church

The church of Saint Eustachius (Eustace) (named after the Roman centurion who became a Christian) was dedicated by Bishop Stapledon in 1318 though there are very few remains of that building today. The Church was rebuilt and enlarged in to it's current form between the years of 1350 and 1450 at which the Aisle of Clothworker's which an outer south aisle was included. The growing importance of the textile industry was protected by a 1467 statute. The whole is in the Perpendicular style and consists of a nave and chancel both of them have two aisle which are tower and outer south aisle.

 It possesses a lofty tower supported on four open arches, one of which was reputedly added to accommodate the nineteenth century "tinners" or tin miners. Within monuments to the Glanville and Bouchier Family, Besides some fine stained glass, one of the window being the work of William Morris and another of Charles Eamer Kempe. It also has a Roof boss featuring one of the so called Tinners Hares which is a trio of Rabbits and hares joined at and sharing three ears between them. The font is Octagonal and dates back to the 15th Century.